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"Celebrating the Sistas"  is an annual ceremony that honors African American women who have and are making positive contributions to their communities. The focus of this event is to recognize women who excel in politics, business, media, social services and education; as well as community activism. "Celebrating the Sistas" also recognizes women who have dedicated themselves to maintaining healthy families, safe communities and educating our children.  These women deserve ongoing recognition for their efforts. 

TCSA is known for their commitment to community service. They have partnered with nonprofit organizations such as Model Cities, The Cultural Wellness Center and The African American AIDS Task Force to provide fundraisers and health and wellness activities to the Twin Cities African American community. 




The Twin Cities Steppers Association has hosted some of the most successful events and “Steppers Sets” in the Twin Cities. TCSA’s vision is to bring elegance and sophistication to the Twin Cities party scene, and to offer special events where mature adults can get together in an atmosphere familiar to their own musical taste.

Twin Cities Salsa Explosion has achieved this by partnering with dance studios, instructors, performance teams, and DJ's acknowledging individuals who have contributed to the Latin dance scene in the Twin Cities. TCSE features local live bands and is known for collaborating with many others to present great events.

Art Gallery


For over 25 years Art has been an integral part of TCSA. From South Minneapolis to the Global Market and onto venues in St. Paul as well as many farmers markets throughout Minnesota. Kevin Johnson has used art to reach many diverse communities by providing limited edition pieces, exclusive prints, and custom framing as well as associating with local and national artists to bring Minnesotans great ethic artistic visions. All funds received are used toward furthering the endeavors of  The Twin Cities Steppers Association..

Art to can be celebrated in many ways including print. We offer popular art pieces by many known artists both rare and limited.

Twin Cities Steppers Association celebrates art and creativity in ways that will hopefully unite communities' in diversity and inclusion.