Twin Cities Steppers Association

"Steppin and Boppin"


The Twin Cities Steppers Association (TCSA) was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Kevin Johnson. Kevin has been “Steppin and Boppin” since the early eighties. He began introducing the art of “Steppin” to Twin Cities' residents by offering weekly dance sessions and by selling DVD’s. After receiving accolades from participants, Kevin began to see "Steppin" as an opportunity to create a social network for adults of all backgrounds interested in mature entertainment and enjoyment.


In 2006, TCSA brought in top national dance instructors to formally introduce the Twin Cities to the Chicago Style Eight-count dance steps. Due to his efforts and dedication to the art, TCSA has been recognized nationally for Kevin's expertise by "Inside Steppin’ Magazine". He has also been given the opportunity to expose the sophisticated moves of Chicago style "Steppin" to communities nationwide through live interviews on the Michael Baisden Show. Kevin is also recognized nationally as a professional instructor and has been requested to be a judge for "Milwaukee’s Largest" as well as other "Steppin" contests throughout the Midwest. In 2008, the "National Promoters Gala and Entertainment Expo" recognized TCSA as the promoter of the year for steppers sets and other special events.


TCSA has also served as one of the hosts at "Minneapolis’ Club Royale" and "The Summer Spectacular of 2004" which was featured in the "Minneapolis City Pages". "Club Royale" was the start of a series of highly regarded annual and biennial special events hosted by TCSA. Most notable are the "Upper Midwest Steppers Ball", the "Chocolate and Vanilla Affair","Celebrating the Sistas" and the "July, Just Because, Party". By promoting parties, steppers sets and workshops Kevin has brought both local and national attention to Chicago style Steppin’ in the Twin Cities. 

A Social Network for Entertainment and Enjoyment



"Celebrating the Sistas"  is an annual ceremony that honors African American women who have and are making positive contributions to their communities. The focus of this event is to recognize women who excel in politics, business, media, social services and education; as well as community activism. "Celebrating the Sistas" also recognizes women who have dedicated themselves to maintaining healthy families, safe communities and educating our children.  These women deserve ongoing recognition for their efforts. 

TCSA is known for their commitment to community service. They have partnered with nonprofit organizations such as "Model Cities", "The Cultural Wellness Center" and "The African American AIDS Task Force" to provide fundraisers and health and wellness activities to the Twin Cities African American community. 



For over 25 years art has been an integral part of TCSA. Kevin uses art to assist in inspiring inclusion and diversity into the community. TCSA works with local and national artists and aims to bring Minnesotans great unique and diverse art. 

Twin Cities Steppers Association celebrates art that will hopefully unite communities in diversity and creativity.



The Twin Cities Steppers Association has hosted some of the most successful events and steppers sets in the Twin Cities. TCSA’s vision is to bring elegance and sophistication to the Twin Cities party scene, and to offer special events where mature adults can get together in an atmosphere familiar to their own musical taste.

The "Twin Cities Salsa Explosion" has achieved this by partnering with dance studios, instructors, performance teams, and DJ's acknowledging individuals who have contributed to the Latin dance scene in the Twin Cities. TCSE features local live bands and is known for collaborating with many others to present great events.

Uniting the Community

Salsa Dance in the Twin Cities

The goal is to unite cultures, generations, and embolden leadership through inclusion opportunities. Our aim is to keep alive the history of many cultural collaborations in the creation and evolution of Afro-Latin music and dance. We host an event quarterly while TCSE seeks to promote strength and wellness for all who comprise the Twin Cities Salsa community.

Thanks to everyone who has dedicated their time and hard work in the building of the Salsa Explosion.  From the entry to the exit, everyone played an intricate part. Thanks to dance studios, instructors, performance teams, dancers, DJ's, promoters, organizations and companies united together, without you this would not have been a success. 

Special appreciation to everyone for their support throughout the year.